2022 Writers: the sixth group of Stage 2

Portráidí na Scríbhneoirí Gaeilge is a multi-annual, multi-stage project. In the first stage of the project, the book and website based on the current archive of portraits has been made available to the public. In the second stage of the project, new additional portraits are being added to the collection on an annual basis, so that the archive of living Irish-language writers can be made as complete as possible over time. A series of eight portraits/eight new writers is added to the collection each year. To this end, the project participants are delighted to also announce the sixth such list of writers, to be added in 2022. They are:

Portraits of these eight writers, along with biographical information and other relevant details, will be prepared in the first six months of 2022 to be published by November of next year, when the material will be launched and the 2023 list will be announced. COMHAR and Foras na Gaeilge are very grateful to the writers and photographers who have agreed to be part of this inspirational project. This is an historic publication; a commemoration of all aspects of Irish cultural heritage, especially that which has been contributed by Irish-language writers.