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Coming later this year!

The is much happening at the moment in the Portráidí na Scríbhneoirí Gaeilge (Portraits of Irish-language Writers)/portraidi.ie project. More functions will soon be added to the website in addition to the final preparation of the portraits of Group 1 (2017) of Stage 2 of the project.

New resource to browse by audio file as the 50th file is added to the site

A new feature resource has been created to directly view the portrait entries of the writers who have opted to add a sound recording to their entry. There are now 50 audio files, with additional audio files being added.

The 2017 group is named!

A series of eight portraits/eight new writers will be added to the collection each year. To this end, the project participants are delighted to also announce the first list of writers for Stage 2, to be added in 2017.

Portraits of Irish-Language Writers

Portraits of Irish-Language Writers is a living collection of portraits that celebrate the Irish-language writer, based on the pioneering work of Máire Uí Mhaicín. There are 107 writers in the current archive; further additions will be made on an ongoing basis. More information »

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